Our Mission: Revolutionize the Regimen

Skincare can and should be both simple and effective. By committing to the finest-quality ingredients, unparalleled clinical accountability and transparency, and the development of multi-functional products, we aim to change the way people care for their skin--from discovery and shopping online to using in the most intimate corners of their homes.  

Our Philosophy

Beauty comprises many qualities, both inside and out. Your skin is just one of these attributes—but it also happens to be the most visible. For the woman who wants to protect her most precious asset, Cosmedicine is here to help her achieve her greatest expression of beauty. We combine our passion, pride, and integrity with rigorous scientific evidence, and we stand for devotion to detail at every level and in every product, regardless of the cost, effort, or time required. We believe in maintaining the integrity of your skin for optimal health and beauty, and we have spent the last decade perfecting a line of products that do just that. The Cosmedicine Gold Standard Collection is luxury skincare for the true reflection of beauty and health—a radiant, youthful, glowing complexion. 

Cosmedicine History

Created in 2003, Cosmedicine is founded upon a legacy of over seven decades, steeped in the rich traditions of European-based aesthetics treatment. The company operates with an ethos and philosophy rooted in accordance with its originating professional standard of high-quality, results-based, luxurious yet affordable skincare. Cosmedicine is directly responsible for the development and conceptualization of company products in collaboration with long-standing US-based formulation and production partner, Mark Potter and Atlantis Laboratories.

The current Cosmedicine team of estheticians, managing executives, and trusted partners collectively equates to nearly a century’s worth of experience directing cosmetics product formulation, manufacturing, luxury goods marketing, business management, and operations. Additionally, Cosmedicine personnel are responsible for and are directly involved in the development, marketing, design, and/or manufacturing and production of numerous notable and award-winning third-party beauty-industry product releases and current best-sellers.

From its inception, Cosmedicine has maintained a uniquely high level of honesty and integrity in product development and marketing. Company standards require each product to be clinically tested for true performance results measured to precision by laboratory instruments. Cosmedicine elected to raise the bar to better satisfy the expectations of a discerning customer base, rather than simply adhering to the standard of self-reported assessments of product results. The early testing protocols for Cosmedicine were designed and verified by an internationally recognized university medical center and executed by third-party laboratories that certified the findings.

Via its latest Gold Standard Collection, Cosmedicine has moved to small artisanal batch production and specialized packaging. This ensures just-in-time delivery of formulations infused with the freshest and most active vitamin and nutrient concentrations for maximized results.

Cosmedicine has often been referenced, by those in the know, as the best skincare line available in the United States. To this day, the brand is continually celebrated for its scientifically advanced formulations, clinically proven and objective performance results, highest-quality drug-grade ingredients, and technological innovations in skin care and therapeutic cosmetics. 

Formulator Bio

Cosmedicine formulator, skincare innovator, university lecturer, and meteorologist Mark Potter has taken an unlikely path to become one of the preeminent creative conceptualizers of cutting-edge, high-end skin care. His groundbreaking innovations in anti-aging technologies have redefined the entire concept of skin health.

Widely recognized as an industry leader, Potter first began researching the sub-par ingredients used in most formulas while dealing with his own highly sensitive skin. Backed with his understanding of climatic forces and determined to create products for his own skin, Potter shifted his career focus to aesthetic product formulation—an endeavor, equal parts science and artistry, that fully uses his combined knowledge of clinical dermatology, pharmacology, physics, and chemistry. For over a decade, Potter has been hard at work in his state-of-the-art laboratory, researching the most effective natural and medical-grade ingredients.

Potter is responsible for formulating and developing some of the most popular skin care lines and cult favorite beauty products, including one of the best-selling tinted moisturizers of all time and a luxury moisturizer that has remained on top for over 20 years. These formulations have received recognition and awards for client satisfaction.

Driven by a single mission to create skin care products that push boundaries, Potter has defied any doubts that a line of Cosmedicine’s quality and efficacy could be achieved. The Cosmedicine Gold Standard Collection is not only the fruit of 10 years of intensive research, but also a masterwork of science and beauty in perfect balance. This line has positively reshaped the landscape of skincare forever.

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